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Commercial mixed use building in Burkina Faso – Zaca Ouagadougou

This commercial office project in the heart of Ouagadougou, is the first in Burkina Faso to make use of sustainable design concepts. The project will be built in a commercial zone called Zaca. This is the proposed business district in the centre of Ouagadougou, near the airport.

‘The first commercial building in Burkina Faso to incorporate sustainable building methods.’ 

The program: Retail on the ground floor, offices on the other floors, whilst the top floor is reserved for apartments.

We developed a  strategy to make use of as much space as possible, and to introduce innovative sustainability concepts. The client also insisted that these methods should cost less than conventional building methods.

The following concepts have been introduced:

  1. A green canopy will provide shade and natural cooling on top of the building, where the sun hits the whole day.
  2. Shading panels can be used to block the sun from the west in the afternoon.
  3. Trees will provide shade and create a pleasant area in front of the building.
  4. Pre-fabricated Pre-stressed concrete beams will be applied to save on the amount of concrete used.
  5. Laterite blocks (a soft, natural stone locally available) will be used to build the non- loadbearing walls.

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ouagadougou zaca architecture
ouagadougou zaca architecture
ouagadougou zaca architecture

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