Home Architecture Makeni Residence, a contemporary villa in Zambia

Makeni Residence, a contemporary villa in Zambia

This animation shows the final result after a successful design process incorporating all the ideas the clients had about their dream home.

Some of it’s special ‘features’:

  • natural ventilation is optimized throughout the entire house
  • a small central courtyard that can be closed when it’s raining or when it’s cold
  • each bedroom has a terrace
  • daylight coming in from above, creating very smooth natural lighting during the day
  • roof overhang protect the facade, and reduce solar gain
  • 2 story tall windows
  • the first house with ‘Green Doors’ an adaptation of a green wall to make the garage doors green.

Location: Zambia, Makeni

Scope of work: Preliminary design, site planning, developed design

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